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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Emily Hopkins Interviewed in Citizen Literature

I had the pleasure of sharing my thoughts on writing and self-publication with Ed Wilson, editor of Citizen Literature. A wonderfully eclectic corner in the world of indie authors, Citizen Literature reviews and highlights books and writing by authors who push the boundaries of tradition.

Check out the interview to read about what inspires my poetry, my philosophy on writing, and how I tried to hide the fact that I knew how to read.

Self-Pub Spotlight: Emily Hopkins Interview with Citizen Literature (Archived)


On your blog, you describe yourself as an artist and as a storyteller; do you feel one unbalances the other? Or, do they complement each other? What is your philosophy as writer?

Art and writing are both forms of storytelling and can be equally troublesome mediums. There are times when it feels like I am being bombarded by images and words. Most often I will see an image in my mind that captures the story, or I will feel the words. It’s like a separate pulse or flow of energy.