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Copyright Free

My work (writing, art, novels, poetry, design, posts, blog, etc.) is copyright free. As such, the rights to my work do not fall under the jurisdiction of any state, government, judicial body, jury, community, society, culture, tribe, organization, corporation, institution, group, individual or authority now or in the future. Any attempt to regulate or restrict uses of my work either in whole or part by law, arbitration, litigation, copyright claim, defamation, threat, fine, penalty, or violence are invalid.

You may use my work freely throughout the universe and galaxy. You are free to reproduce or transmit the work of Emily Hopkins in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording, or otherwise. You are free to make derivative works.

You are not permitted to plagiarize and/or misrepresent authorship of the original and/or any derivative work, including but not limited to: translations, musical arrangements, song lyrics, motion picture versions of literary material or plays, art reproductions, abridgments, and condensations of preexisting works.