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Vegetarian, Not by Choice - Flash Fiction

THEY’VE BEEN FEEDING arsenic to the chickens. And the cows have holes in their sides. Reach in, grab a handful of cow! You must remove the E. coli so the children don’t get sick. A bomb dropped from the sky today. It blew apart a village of men and women and boys and girls. Body parts were piled up like left-overs. Maybe we’ll have turkey loaf. Or casserole. There’s nothing you can’t put in a casserole. Some things are bred to die so that I may have a full belly. I hate feeling empty. The hole in the land is a burned black cavern; the parade to the slaughterhouse has no beginning. I yell outside the military base for it all to stop. But, today is Thanksgiving, no one is around to hear.

* * * *
Vegetarian, Not by Choice will be published as a full-color book and ebook. Check out the (draft) designs for the book, and Subscribe by Email to get a sneak peek at the new work!